- Quality, original and unique products

We are happy to search for new, original and quality goods for you which make your time with your furry friend more enjoyable. We like all products we import and we are satisfied with them.

- You can rely on us

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. If you have any problem, question or claim, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to find solution for you. You can rely on us.

- We are constantly adding new products on regular basis

We are still searching for new products for you and we are adding them to our line on regular basis.

- Fast Delivery

We have most of the products in stock and ready to ship. We offer second day delivery in Czech Republic and 2 – 5 working days in the EU (we kindly ask the payment in advance for the international orders).

- We solve the claims immediately

We sell only quality products and we do not receive many claims. If any, we deal with it immediately.

- Individual approach

We understand your individual needs and we find solution right for you. We keep you informed about what is happening with your order, question or claim.

- Consultancy

We are here to help you. We will be happy to recommend you the best selling products for you. We will propose your stock regarding to your needs.

- Free Delivery – CZ, SK, DE, PL

Czech Republic – on orders over 1200 Kč incl. VAT

Germany, Poland and Slovak Republic – on orders over 3600 Kč incl. VAT

- Delivery EU, non EU

EU – we offer reasonable delivery cost on all orders – 499 Kč incl. VAT

Norway, Switzerland - we offer reasonable delivery cost on all orders  – 900 Kč incl. VAT